Services – Temporary Works

Malachy Walsh and Partners has extensive experience temporary work designs on bridges, marine developments, energy projects and both commercial and residential projects. These have included six storey façade retentions; three level basement excavations and the temporary supports to the upper floors of buildings while the internal supports at ground are removed to open up the area for retail purposes.

MWP, as an example, was responsible for the design of all the temporary works associated with the demolition of the U.K.’s Department of Environment Offices in London. These included three 20 storey tower blocks, which was the largest single demolition project in recent years in London. The firm also has extensive experience in below ground works including shafts (up to 20m deep); headings (up to 300m long) and coffer dams.

MWP have carried out temporary works design for large marine structures and for windfarm projects in up to 8m peat depths.