Services – Remedial Works

Malachy Walsh and Partners has specialist capability in house to carry out diagnostic assessment, specification and supervision of specialist remedial works to buildings, bridges and marine structures.  The firm has been involved in many of the most significant building remedial works carried out in the country over the last twenty years, including repair projects to such well known buildings as Agriculture house Dublin, Stamping Building Dublin Castle, Sarsfield House Limerick and Office of Public Works Headquarters Dublin.  In these structures, carbonation and other defects on the concrete structures had and was causing dilapidation of the facade with all of the attendant safety and durability implications.

In Marine structures, deterioration of the reinforced concrete is driven by chlorides ingressing from the saline environment.  This is a virulent attack mechanism requiring specialist knowledge on how to diagnose the extent of the problem, assess its repair prognosis, specify appropriate repairs and supervise same.

Over the last number of years, Malachy Walsh and Partners has participated in the Eirspan bridge rehabilitation programme and have developed the capability in house on the assessment and repair of a variety of bridge types including masonry structures, reinforced concrete structures, pre-stressed and post tenured structures and steel structures.