Services – Peat Stability Reports

Malachy Walsh and Partners provides the following services in relation to developments on peat:

  • Site suitability assessments
  • Identification of ground stability stress indicators
  • Bedrock and mineral subsoils outcrop logging and characterisation

Peat stability assessment by means of:

  • Depth probing (depth to bedrock and/or competent subsoils)
  • Gouge coring (peat and subsoils characterisation to BS 5930
  • Von Post Humification scale sampling of significant subsoils types for consultation and reference
  • Hand shear vane testing to determine undrained shear strength of homogeneous substrates (peat and clay where applicable)
  • Slope measurements at gouge core and shear vane test points to determine slope gradient
  • Topography and vegetation evaluation in relation to peat depth and stability
  • Drainage distribution, hierarchy and catchment mapping

The Firm’s Peatland Specialists have had involvement in a large number of upland and lowland wind farm and a lesser number of PHES sites over the whole of Ireland and have undertaken peat stability assessments using recognised methodologies. Together with project designers and engineers, our specialists have devised practical measures to evaluate and mitigate against potential impacts during the construction phase of wind farms.