Services – Geotechnical

MWP offers general and specialist geotechnical engineering services. The company has considerable expertise in geotechnical design for building structures, marine structures, bridges and windfarms. The MWP expertise includes large piled foundations for maritime structures and heavily loaded wind turbine foundations and access roadways over difficult and potentially unstable terrain. It also includes specialist hydrogeological and peat stability experience on upland sites.

MWP can provide the following geotechnical services: site investigation, scoping documentation, assessment if the suitability of different foundation types to the prevailing ground conditions, effects of proposals on surrounding ground or peat layers, supervision of site investigation works, engineering interpretation of site investigation technical reports and site suitability assessments.

The MWP capability for energy projects included determination of ground suitability for ground bearing foundation construction, pile design, design of deep load bearing rock / concrete sandwiches under crane hard standings and turbine foundations as an alternative to expensive piling works, geotechnical design of crane hard standing areas over deep peat, assessment of cyclic loading on overburden supporting turbine foundations, geosynthetic ground improvement techniques, assessment of the effects of deep excavation and road construction on surrounding soft ground, specification of suitable stone type and grading for foundation construction and for use on access roads, material specification and grading requirements to maintain clean surface water flows over road construction, identification of suitable on site borrow pit locations for road and foundation construction, including reinstatement procedures after the completion of the works.

The MWP capability for marine projects encompasses the above expertise but also includes design experience for heavy berthing loads on marine structures.