Services – Ecology and Ornithology

MWP’s ecologists provide the following services:

  • Appropriate Assessment (Requirement of Article 6 of EU Habitats Directive – 92/43/EEC for assessing the implications of a project on a designated site in view of the sites conservation objectives)
  • Ecological Impact Assessment (EcIA)
  • Habitat mapping and restoration
  • Bird Surveys (Methodologies examples: Hen Harrier Survey, Countryside Bird Survey, Upland Bird Survey)
  • Aquatic assessments
  • Ecological Management Plans
  • Ecological monitoring

MWP’s experience covers a broad scope of terrestrial upland and lowland, and coastal and marine ecological studies for:

  • EcIA
  • EIA
  • Biodiversity analysis
  • Protected species evaluation
  • Conservation evaluation
  • Habitat restoration
  • Nature conservation assessment

MWP has undertaken impact assessments using recognised methodologies, and together with project designers and engineers, devised practical measures to mitigate against adverse environmental impacts.

The Environmental team routinely works closely with MWP’s engineering teams ensuring a pragmatic and full understanding of engineering issues and this providing practical mitigation measures for industry and developments. The Firm has worked in a variety of terrestrial, aquatic, coastal and marine habitats both in Ireland and abroad. MWP has ecological expertise and experience in sensitive terrestrial habitats such as blanket and raised bog, heath, fen, woodland, grasslands and coastal habitats such as dune systems, spits, salt marsh, mud and sand shores, rocky intertidal habitats and marine habitats.