Services – Civil

MWP provides intelligent solutions for civil and infrastructure projects that incorporate economy, creativity, function and quality. It is the complex and varied nature of civil engineering projects that requires an extensive and wide ranging expertise. MWP provides this knowledge and experience to interrogate all aspects of projects and make a quantifiable difference to the outcome. These projects include:


  • Coastal protection
  • Piers/Jetties
  • Quay wall construction and remedial works
  • Pontoons

Wind Energy

  • Turbine base design
  • Crane hardstanding
  • Access routes
  • Peat stability/ Floating roads
  • Sediment control
  • Cable routes

Roads/ Bridges

  • Bulk earthworks design and cut/fill optimisation
  • Road design including alignment and grading for local and arterial roads
  • Pavement design
  • Car parks and estate roads for schools, residential, commercial and industrial sites
  • Bridge design
  • Bridge inspections and remedial works
  • Junction design including Traffic Signal optimisation and layouts, access assessment and design, and traffic management for temporary and permanent works.
  • Road Safety Audits – MWP has in-house TII approved Road Safety Auditors which add value and efficiency to the design by providing checking and independent input.
  • Urban Renewal /Public Realm projects